Coons & Gators & Snakes… oh my!

We took the kids to Louisiana today for a swamp tour. It was very interesting and we had tons of fun.

The resident gator at Cajun Pride Tours.


Cory, our tour guide, feeding the resident.


A bayou full of gators, snakes, raccoons… and a lot more we didn’t see.

You can barely see the faint trail of where our boat came through the water. The bayou seems like the ideal place to get rid of “unwanteds” since it reclaims it’s natural state almost instantly.


An alligator lurking in dense cover.

It looks like a mess, but it really is beautiful… in it’s own way.

Just a photo op site. Nobody ever really lived here. It is just for tourists. It shows the typical kind of home that is built on the bayou.
I didn’t snap the photo fast enough to catch the 4 raccoons that came scampering out when we pulled up.

Brut holding a baby alligator. That is as close as Ellie would get to it. I don’t think she even touched it.

At this point in the tour, we had 11 alligators swimming around our boat. There were three when I tried to snap this photo but I only captured two of them.

More gators… then one in the middle of the photo, with his head barely out of the water, is over 12 feet long.

……. and the grand gator finale…….
Tanner feeding the gators. He was the first person to volunteer to feed the alligators. By far, the best shot of the day!

Later…. in N’Orleans…
The boyscout strikes again…
The snake charmer on Jackson Square after eating a Shrimp Po’ Boy at Cafe Pontalba’s and then beignets at Cafe Du Monde.

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