Ha! Told you I’d have him out there mowing the grass with the non-gas powered mower.
He was even excited about it, because he could use him mp3 player AND actually HEAR the music because the mower isn’t loud.

Gluten-Glutt0n Free Diet Update
Day 10 – 10 lbs gone.

Wardrobe Refashion
This morning I did another simple sewing project. It’s more of an alteration than a refashion. A nice pretty white blouse that was way too big became today’s victim. I took 2 inches off each side and raised the shoulder seams, removing about an inch off each shoulder seam. I think I need to take some more off the shoulder seams so the seams sit right on the top of the shoulder instead of just below it. I top-stitched the new seams to match the original seams.



A couple of days ago, I made a tank top for MOTO that she will probably never wear, not even to bed. It’s cute, though.

finished tank top

close up of fabric

ok… I have to go do REAL work for a while.

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