Wardrobe Refashions – a lot of green goodness

I dusted off the old sewing machine Mom gave me a few years ago and after a couple of days of cussing and fiddling with the tension, calling Mom for help, giving up and going to bed… I have refashioned 2 pairs of pants for me and a pair of sleep shorts for MOTO.

Basically, wardrobe refashioning is taking something you already have but don’t like and won’t wear and making it into something that you do like and will wear. I had two pairs of Stretch Riders pants, one black pair and one dk brown pair. After wearing them one time and running them through the wash, they shrank(or is it shrunk?? dictionary.com didn’t really help me out on this one). The pants were about an inch too short and looked goofy with everything. So I cut the legs off. Now, I have 2 really great pairs of capri pants. I even put the little slits on the outside seam like real-store-bought capris.

There is a whole blog dedicated to Wardrobe Refashion.

My goal is to take the crappy clothes that I have right now and turn them into my transition clothes while I am losing weight. So far I have lost 9 lbs in 9 days on my new gluten- & glutton- free diet.

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