Ha! Told you I’d have him out there mowing the grass with the non-gas powered mower. He was even excited about it, because he could use him mp3 player AND actually HEAR the music because the mower isn’t loud. Gluten-Glutt0n Free Diet Update Day 10 – 10 lbs gone. Wardrobe Refashion This morning I did…… Continue reading YAAAY! I WIN!

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WTF Bad Debt Update WTF

WTF? The economy sucks. Gas prices (auto), gas prices (heating) and electricity here are kicking my ass! I have the heat & electric on budget billing so I can afford the gas bills in the winter and the electric bills in the summer, but still! damn! Heating May 2007: $79/month Heating May 2008: $106/month ~35%…… Continue reading WTF Bad Debt Update WTF

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