Procrastination Of The Most Ultimate Magnitude Update

Updated: June 17, 2008

General Cleaning and Organization

  1. Office
    • Clean off desk
    • Purge old files and shred
    • Condense filing cabinets and freecycle empty cabinets
    • Clean off sewing area
    • Clean out closet completed: 05/16/08
    • Clean out storage cabinet
    • Organize desktop computer and files
    • Organize laptop and files completed: 03/28/08
  2. Storage area
    • Purge old files
    • Purge unused luggage completed: 05/16/08
    • Purge unused boxes completed: 05/16/08
    • Finish coffee table and put in LR
    • Build shelves for Christmas storage completed: 05/16/08
    • Build shelves for future stockpile completed: 05/16/08
  3. General Living Area of Basement Den
    • Entertainment/Gaming Center
    • Computer centers for kids
    • Finish reupholstering chair
  4. Dog’s Room
    • Add wall cabinets for storage (kitchen cabinets from remodel?)
    • Waterproof wall covering
    • Tile floor
  5. Yard work
    • Trim bushes at fence line
    • Trim or remove Bradford pear tree completed: 05/02/08
    • Remove broken Birch tree completed: 05/02/08
    • Transplant Rose of Sharon bushes
    • Create tomato garden area completed: 06/08/08
    • Clean out all flower beds completed: 06/08/08
    • Re-route all gutters to rain barrels
    • Set up rain barrels and irrigation system
    • Get rock to make matching flower beds
    • Plant shrubs and flowers
    • Hanging baskets for front porch completed: 05/??/08
  6. Garage
    • Purge all trash/unused toys/broken tools etc
    • Tear out old workbench
    • Install garage storage system and work bench
    • Bike racks
    • Stackable recycling bins
    • Paint vent cover for front of garage

Car Repairs

  1. Rendezvous YAAAAY 1st thing completely finished

    • Fix heater completed: 05/??/08
    • Fix storage compartment for sunglasses completed: 05/??/08
    • Carpet cleaned completed: 05/??/08
    • Navigation system decided not needed
  2. Probe
    • Fix emergency brake
    • Get new faceplate for radio
  3. Cutlass
    • Find radiator leak and get fixed
    • Replace ball bearings on front end completed: 05/??/08
    • Fix glove box handle

Man! After writing all that, I’m not sure if I should feel safe driving any of these cars.

Life Organizational Skills to Attempt

  1. Use calendar to keep track of all schedules – use reminders too!
  2. Tame the paper monster that throws crap on my counters and tables
  3. Set up a rotating menu plan
  4. Set up a shopping list on pda for Mr. to use
  5. Get on a routine cleaning schedule
  6. Update Christmas Card list and actually mail to them this year
  7. Get all important birthdays, anniversaries in datebook
  8. Make an “important” phone numbers list
  9. Stockpile non-perishable items
  10. Find some freezer cooking recipes
  11. Find more crockpot recipes
  12. Scrapbook the last 16 years of my children’s lives
  13. Get all of Mr.’s Navy photos in albums
  14. Shadow box all of Mr.’s Navy memorabilia
  15. Print our wedding photos

Money Goals

  1. Pay off credit card($9K) and student loan($7K).
    • Bad Debt as of January 01, 2007: $40,438
    • Bad Debt as of March 31, 2008: $16,000
    • Amount paid off so far: $24,438

House General Repairs (not done by me, but I still have to save $$ for them)

  1. New windows
  2. Fix siding I set on fire July 4, 2006
  3. Blown in insulation in attic
  4. Hardwood Floors – LR, DR, Foyer, Hall, 3 Bedrooms
  5. New doors
  6. New 6″ baseboards and trim
  7. Crown Molding – DR, Baths, 3 Bedrooms
  8. Remodel baths – Hall and Master
    • new paint
    • shower/tub
    • new vanity & top
    • new tile floor
    • trim mirror
    • new lighting
  9. Kitchen Remodel (maybe add on to enlarge??)
    • new paint
    • new cabinets
    • new counters
    • redesign laundry (new washer/dryer??)
    • redesign pantry
    • new subfloor
    • new tile floor
    • new sliding glass door
    • 3 Season Room?
  10. Add a 1/2 bath in lower level
  11. Reconfigure Office and Storage area ??
  12. Build in bar?
  13. Replace retaining wall

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