I’m trying to be conservative & green. I am sooo NOT COOL.

Gas here is $3.89/gal. Not terrible by the averages in some states, but extremely terrible to me and my pocketbook. I have been slowly making the changes to go green and to be SEVERELY CONSERVATIVE with our money and spending.

  • Refusing both paper and plastic bags at all shopping centers (this is slowly becoming a habit)
  • Using Reusable shopping bags, when I remember to take them in the store (this is slowly becoming a habit)
  • Doing all my shopping/errands on the same day with a planned route
  • Making my kids walk to the school bus stop
  • Using the new St. Louis County provided personal recycling container
  • Clipping coupons
  • Refusing to buy something unless I have a coupon (unless it is milk or eggs… I rarely find any coupons for those products) Even Mr. is using coupons, if I make the list and pull the coupons for him.
  • Creating menu plans to curb our eating out and promote better home cooked meals that are cheaper and better for us.

You get the idea. I have been saying for 4-5 months now, that if gas gets to $4/gallon, WALKING to the grocery store, walgreens, etc becomes mandatory. It’s getting close.

Last week, I started mowing the yard with our reel mower. It’s 9 years old but still works like new. And the best part is… it doesn’t use gas. Yay! I win. The lawn looks nice, even Mr. commented on how nice it looked. I didn’t waste gas. It is good exercise for me. I also bought a pair of glass clippers ($7.99) to use instead of the weedeater. Yeah I know, weedeaters don’t use that much gas, but still… exercise. Important!

BACKGROUND INFO: You have to understand, we live in an middle-upper middle class neighborhood where we(as in our family) is pulling down the average annual family income. Most families in our neighborhood are in their mid 50’s – 70’s and don’t have any children living at home. It’s a clean quiet neighborhood.

Upon finishing the yard yesterday around 1:30pm (it took me 1 hour to mow the lawn plus 30 minutes to trim) my neighbor asks as she is getting out of her car… “Why on earth would you mow your grass with THAT?!?”

Me sheepishly, “Because…. gas is getting expensive?”

Neighbor, “Pfffsh!” and walks into her house.

This morning, I was researching my next pro-green purchase, a folding shopping cart. You know the ones that bag ladies push around looking all homeless. Mr. wanted to know why I was looking at folding shopping carts. Duh! To take to the grocery store to haul all my groceries back home when gas is $4 gallon and I refuse to start my car to drive 2 blocks. Plus, the exercise wouldn’t kill me. Well, the exercise might kill me in July 102 temps and 390% humidity, but I doubt I would be so silly as to go walking/shopping on a day like that.

Mr.: “It’s not like we live in the country and have to drive 20 miles to the store.”

Me: “I know, but still, every little bit helps and if I don’t need to DRIVE to the store it conserves the gas for long trips that we can’t walk. Like picking up the kids after spending the summer in Virginia.”

Mr.: “Walking to Schnuck’s just seems a bit…. unnecessary, when we live so close.”

So even in the same house, we are at opposite ends of the conservation spectrum. I might not be cool right now with my husband and neighbors, but you just wait. I’ll win. 6 months ago Mr. wouldn’t have used coupons at all! I’m the first in the neighborhood to use the reel mower, but you just wait…

Sing it with me… “I was gree-een, when gree – een wasn’t cool.”

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