The Haphazard Earth Conscious Sister

After reading my sister’s post about recycling, I remembered that I have a reusable bag as well.

Below is a photo of my reusable shopping bag. It’s black. The bags on top of it are from the last 2-3 trips I have made to Wal-Mart and Schnuck’s and have forgotten to take my earth friendly bag.


(Note to Mom: This container is in my laundry closet. There are currently 44 plastic bags in the container. I counted them. I think I could easily fit almost 100, if I squished them enough.)

This is what my bag looks like with stuff in it…


HeidiBagUnlike my sister’s photo (shown right) of her bag laiden with grocery goods, my bag has only carried goods on it’s maiden voyage from the local Wal-mart to our home. All the plastic bags from the previous picture are fluffing it out. I’m trying….seriously!

Our local recycling program is pretty cool. You just throw everything that is recyclable into a big black 65 gallon trash bin on wheels and take it to the curb on Thursday mornings. No sorting. Paper, plastic, cardboard, tin and aluminum can all go in the same bin together. We are asked to rinse any containers. Sometimes, I do. Sometimes, I don’t. Most times… I do. I’m not that much of a renegade recycler.

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