Our World Got Rocked…

by a 5.2 Magnitude earthquake in Bellmont, IL, 128 miles east of St. Louis. It banged furniture against the walls, rocked the bed violently and severely swayed the walls of the house. It was like walking through a carnival fun house and riding a roller coaster at the same time. There was some minor damage to bridges and a few old historical brick buildings (mostly cracking in the brick work). Nothing fell down… at least not here.

St. Louis is located on the New Madrid fault, considered the most dangerous fault line in the United States.

All in all, there were 7 earthquakes today. Two of which we felt in St. Louis. The USGS Website has all the quakes that hit our region, plus lots of other cool and weird information.

While looking at past earthquake destruction, I stumbled upon “Top 10 Ways to Destroy Earth“.

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