The future of our country is in a sad state and I didn’t even break a sweat.

I don’t know how Mom does it’s everyday. Going to school and looking at the faces of our future. Trying to beat some sense and sensibilities into today’s youth. Mom must have a very strong will to live.

Teachers spend more time with our children, than we, as parents, do. Teachers have limited budgets and minuscule amounts of time dedicated to each individual student. And parents wonder why their kids don’t do well in school!?! I know it takes a lot of time and effort to mold our children into tomorrow’s leaders but my Generation X parents have dropped the ball. BIG TIME! Ok Parents, How about starting with the basics of general courtesy, like “Excuse Me” and then we’ll move on to (parent speaking to child) “Your job is to go to school, be prepared and learn! Period! End of Conversation.”

I spent a couple of hours today giving a presentation on website development to 25 students who stared at me like I two heads and twelve eyes. The class is called, “Website Development”. It requires the use of computers. Each student has their very own computer with internet access at their desk. Very cool desks (see photo) and exceptionally good computers, but the coolness stopped right about there. The curriculum this class is being taught is Basic HTML using FrontPage 2003. FrontPage 2003 is now defunct and no longer available even as a trial on Microsoft’s website. Technology changes fast and yes it is hard to keep up. But the technology they are teaching right this minute at this school was worthless 4 years before they printed it in the curriculum books in July 2007.

Before starting my presentation, I was standing in the back of the classroom with the teacher watching the kids file in at the bell. Most of the kids knew the drill. Spit out your gum, no sodas/drinks in the lab, flip open your desktop and login to your computer. A few filtered in with sodas and were turned towards the trash can. It’s April, they’ve been in this class since January. Do they really think today a miracle happened and they will be allowed to bring a drink into the computer lab?

So as the class is settling the down, Mrs. E. makes the announcement that everyone needs to get settled in, turn on their pc, etc. and “Let’s all welcome Mrs. ___, who is here today to talk to us about her web development business.”

I kid you NOT! One girl actually sat with a stack of five books on top of her desk/monitor, raised her hand and then asked, “Do I need to use the computer today?” DUH! yeah you twit, you’re in a COMPUTER class. It’s what you do in computer class. Use the computer.

I had a lot of questions from the students and even a couple of comments from the teacher that it was so nice to have someone who knew what they were talking about and didn’t sweat profusely. What?!? Apparently, the guy they had come in last year was very nervous and sweated a lot. I would like to think that my presentation went well because I knew what I was talking about but in reality I think it was because I didn’t break a sweat.

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