Monday’s Goal

Last night, I was thinking about the massive list I posted yesterday. The thing that kept popping into my head was “one day at a time”. I can do this one day at a time…

Today’s goal: Clean off my desk.
We’ll see how far I can get today. My weekly goal is to have the office purged by Saturday.

Update: 1:00PM CST – I am making progress. I have one pile completely gone/filed away. Checked the mail while on my ‘lunch break’ and received a refund check from GMAC. When I paid off my car, apparently I paid $0.93 too much. Not hardly worth it to them, with a 41c stamp, paper and envelope, but you can bet you ass, I’ll be glad to cash it once I can combine it with another trip. Dang gas is expensive here. $3.19

Other News: Also at lunch, I received a call from Ellie’s web dev teacher at school. I will be talking with the class about my job, how I got into web development, etc. Looks like I am finally going to put my 1992 Wytheville Community College Speech & Public Speaking class to use.

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