My Ubuntu

A couple of weeks ago, Mike decided we needed to be a dual operating system family. I now have Windows XP Home Edition and Ubuntu 7.10. I like the Ubuntu set up. I’ve been playing around with this version for about 3 days now. I am now trying to set up & sync my PDA… so far so good. Printing, however, is still non-existant. I haven’t quite mastered how to set up a printer, connected to a windows machine, to this OS. I will get it figured out eventually. For now though, I have to reboot back to windows to print anything and Mike says print servers are still too expensive for our measly little home network.

I like this new partition & clean operating system. I haven’t screwed up the file structure, yet, nor have I junked it up with 10,000,000 desktop icons and 40billion photos. You would think I would use some of the web space provided by Flickr and keep my pc clean. I’m going to try.

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